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Time Travel Weekends

A summer of Street Theatre begins June 29, 2013

Old Sacramento is gearing up for another fun summer of lively parades, hilarious stage shows and free children's craft activities with our annual Time Travel Weekends program. Saturdays and Sundays from June 29, 2013 through August 25, 2013 will see a host of performances and activities for visitors to Old Sacramento to enjoy. Folks will be able to watch delightful musical reviews in the Eagle Theater, gawk at the antics of colorful characters in the streets, and even try their hand at period crafts and games at the Victorian Academy. Best of all, these entertaining endeavors are FREE for all.

Daily Schedule of Events

11:30 Road Raising or Abolition Rally (Boardwalk)
11:30 Performance (Academy of Victorian Activities)
12:00 Stephen Foster: The Man and His Music (Eagle Theatre)
12:30 Woman Suffrage Rally (Boardwalk)
1:00 Star performance ("direct from Thomas Maguire’s new Jenny Lind Theatre in Virginia City!")   (Eagle)
1:30 Performance (Academy of Victorian Activities)
2:00 Melodeon Preview (Academy of Victorian Activities)
2:30 - 3:15 The Golden Melodeon - Variety Acts (Eagle Theatre)
3:30 Star Performance (Eagle Theatre)
3:30 Readings and smaller presentations (Academy of Victorian Activities)
4:15 - 4:45 Settlers Riot (Waterfront Park)
4:30 Musical Performance (Academy of Victorian Activities).

Special Themed Weekends

On July 6, 7, 13 & 14, we'll celebrate "The Civil War and Sacramento: The Heart of The Union in The West" with tales, music, dance and special entertainments of the period. The schedule for these days is as follows:

11:30 Abolition Rally (Boardwalk)
11:30 Performance: Guest or In House (VA Stage)
12:00 Woman Suffrage Rally  (Boardwalk)
12:30 FOSTER SHOW (EAGLE) / U.S. Sanitary Commission  (VA)
1:30 Songs of the North & South
2:00 Readings and smaller presentations (VA Stage)
2:30- 3:15 MELODEON w/ Hendrix & U.S. San. Comm (EAGLE)
3:00 MELODEON Cont.
3:30 PERFORMANCE: Songs of the North & South (EAGLE)
3:30 U.S. Sanitary Commission  (VA Stage)
4:00 Assemble at Waterfront for Lincoln’s Funeral
4:15 Step off for Lincoln
4:30 Lincoln’s Funeral & Hendrix Performance (VA)

On August 3 & 4, we'll celebrate "Fiesta de los Californios" with the music, dance and games of Old California, well established when the Gold Rush exploded in Sacramento City. The schedule for these days is as follows:

11:30 Road Raising Rally (Boardwalk)
11:30 Performance: Guest or In House (VA Stage)
12:00 Woman Suffrage Rally  (Boardwalk)
1:00 PERFORMANCE: Los Arribenos  (EAGLE)
2:00 Somewhat True Tales of Old California (VA)
2:15 Los Arribenos w/dance lessons (VA Stage)
2:30- 3:15  MELODEON Featuring Los Arribenos (EAGLE)
3:00 MELODEON Cont.
3:30  PERFORMANCE: Guest or In House (EAGLE)
3:30  Readings and smaller presentations (VA Stage) (Loading for Riot)
4:15 Step off for Riot
4:30 Los Arribenos w/dance lessons (VA Stage).

Street Theatre images courtesy of Howard Gold.

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