Think about Sacramento’s past and the Gold Rush comes to mind.  But that’s only part of the story.

The Sacramento History Museum is dedicated to Sacramento’s rich and diverse history.  Our galleries and exhibits explore the history and stories of the area’s first inhabitants, the pioneers who settled here during the Gold Rush, life on the farm, and more.  The Museum also features interactive exhibits that bring to life the people and events of Sacramento and its unique place in the history of California and the nation.


Underground Tours Return in Spring!

The Old Sacramento Underground Tours are taking a winter break and will resume April 1, 2017. The Underground After Hours will resume May 4, 2017. Tickets for the 2017 season are available now!


All-New Gold Fever! Tours Start April 1st!

The Gold Fever! Tour takes you to Sacramento’s beginning, when pioneers scratched and clawed to make this the hub of the Gold Rush. Visitors become real-life characters from the city’s first topsy-turvy decade. Will floods, fires, and disease destroy your fortune, or will you thrive anew in the Golden State?


History Camp 2017

History Camp is back for Summer 2017!

Registration will begin at 10 am on April 10th.  For more information visit History Camp 2017.


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